Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Palace of Living Art- The Captive

Michelangelo's statue, The Captive (A.K.A The Dying Captive, The Prisoner), is seen here in the Palace of Living Art. Located at the Movieland Wax Museum, the Palace had wax representations of famous paintings and sculptures. This figure represents the human model for the sculpture.

A closer view of the figure shows its detail. Notice the shackle on the left arm.

When Movieland Wax Museum closed its doors in 2005, they sold many items that once belonged to the Palace of Living Art. Here is the marble statue that was also at the palace. There was often both a wax figure, and a reproduction of the original piece of art in the Palace.

This image was used in promotional material for the museum. I'm not sure if it was a photograph of the original or of their reproduction.

The marble reproduction of the captive statue sold at the Movieland auction for $850. The wax figure isn't part of the Palace of Living Art in San Francisco. However,  that's not to say the figure isn't on display somewhere at the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf. Next time we'll take a look at that figure, and what kind of tableau it could belong to.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Potter's Wax Museum- Christopher Columbus


This image from the Potter's Wax Museum in Florida shows Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. After attempting to acquire financing from Portugal and England for his trip to Asia, Columbus eventually found funding through Spain. Instead of Asia, Columbus and his ships found the Bahamas. This lead the way to further explorations in what is now the North and South American continents.

A close up of the wax figure.

Visit the Potter's Wax Museum's website here.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

News- Gwen Stefani at Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Las Vegas unveiled their new Gwen Stefani wax figure today. The pop star was on hand for the big reveal, and as you can see the figure doesn't exactly look like the singer. It seems that the figure is based on an older version of the Gwen Sefani look. The real person is a lot more tan than the figure.

The figure stands alone. It looks like they created a whole body mold for this one.

Miss Gwen admires her wax abs.

The differences are striking when the two are next to each other.

A closer look at the figure.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's website here.


(All photos property of Madame Tussauds)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

News- Royal London Wax Museum Closes

Sad news coming out of British Columbia as today marks the end of one of North America's great wax museums. The Royal London Wax Museum will close its doors for good as an unfortunate lease dispute has ended the relationship the museum has had with the owners of the historic Canadian Pacific Steamship terminal building. Due to seismic upgrades needed on the building, the museum had to vacate the premises, but the expense of temporarily moving and then rebuilding the tableaux proved too costly. They also were unable to secure a long term lease in the building, even if they could have found the money to rebuild. The museum owners looked for other suitable locations, but they could not find any.

The figures will move into storage, and hopefully a solution will be found. However, the future does not look bright that the Royal London Wax Museum will ever reopen.

Visit the Royal London Wax Museum website while it is still up here.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum- Gaspar de Portola and Spanish Rule

This scene from the Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum shows Gaspar de Portola, the governor of Baja California as he moved north to establish Spanish rule in Alta California. Here, he stands in front of Spanish soldiers. Northern California was crucial to the Spanish empire in preventing Russia from southern expansion from Alaska.

A close up of the Gaspar de Portola figure.

A wide view of the scene. Like many historical wax museums, Spirit of Monterey uses narration and lights to tell a story. Guests follow each scene as it lights up and then dims. This doesn't allow much for stragglers, as people need to keep up with the tour.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movieland Wax Museum- Marie Antoinette

This is Norma Shearer, famed Hollywood actress, as Marie Antoinette in the 1938 movie of the same name. In this tableau we see the detail of the figure's dress and the reflection of the previous scene, Blood and Sand.

This is the same shot, only with the flash on. Although the detail is the same, without the lighting the scene lacks the dramatic effect.

A close up of the figure.

The clapboard sign detailing the cost and weight of the dress.

The set and Props sold at the Movieland auction for $2,300, while the Norma Shearer figure sold for $1,800.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage- William Penn Receives His Land Grant From King Charles II

This scene from the defunct National Presidential Wax Museum shows William Penn receiving the land grant from King Charles II in 1681. 

In this photo we see Williams Penn holding the grant when the previous, vintage  photo had King Charles holding the paper. I suppose that during the nearly forty years of the museum's existence Mr. Penn finally got a hold of it.

A clergyman I guess. Penn's namesake state had the greatest religious freedom of any territory.

King Charles II. He gave Penn the land grant just a few years before his death.

A guard stands by.

A larger view of the tableaux. Not counting the wall, the set is pretty small.

A sign off to the side gives information on the scene.

The entire scene sold at the auction for $1,750

All photos (except the first) are from Jennings Auction Group.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm- Upstairs at Goldie's Place

Here we see the upstairs residents of Goldie's Place at Knott's Berry Farm. This one seems to have her hand bound, but I think that it is just to keep her arm up. A bit risque for a family theme park, Goldie's Place does add a bit of authenticity to the Ghost Town area of the park.

The second of the two upstairs figures hides elusively behind the window. These two figures are best viewed at night when the interior lights come on.

As you can see, the figures are barely visible in the daylight hours. Unfortunately, the Goldie's Place sign is obstructed by the Wreath as this photo was taken during Christmas time.

One last detail. This is the kicking leg that is on the side of this Board and Batten building. Along the alley is the pathway to Sad Eye Joe's jail cell.

Visit the Knott's Berry Farm website here.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

News- Rhianna Invades Madame Tussaud's

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Washington D.C. unveiled a new wax figure of pop singer Rhianna this past week. Here we see the figure before it was revealed in the museum. It is kind of a strange pose, but not unrealistic.

A close up of the figure. You can see the detail work on the face, and in the wardrobe.

And the unveiling in the museum. The umbrellas are a nice touch to personalize the exhibit. (For all of you out there who aren't familiar with the singer, Umbrella is the name of one of Rhianna's songs. I had no idea.)

A close up of the figure's face.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's website here.

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