Monday, August 28, 2006

Star Trek Wax Figures

The O.C. Register has an interesting article about what happened to the Star Trek figures from Movieland Wax Museum. Sometimes it is easy to forget that these wax figures have to end up somewhere. Perhaps the most interesting part of the article is the set owner's attempt to keep wax figures as a viable attraction for entertainment venues. Similar to Madame Tussaud's theories behind interactive displays, the Star Trek exhibit gives guests the opportunity to become part of the action. Hopefully their endeavor will produce positive results.

Visit the wax Star Trek wax figures official site here.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Movieland- A Fistful of Dollars

Clint Eastwood stands in a scene from A Fistful of Dollars. This is the same set that Alan Ladd stands on, and that once housed the typical western Scene with WM. S. Hart, Tom Mix, and Ken Maynard.

Clint portrays Joe, a drifter of sorts who plays two rival families against each other in order to cash in. Released in 1964, this film is not considered to be the best of the "spaghetti" westerns that Clint filmed, but still earned itself a spot in the Movieland Wax Museum because of the star power of Clint Eastwood. Basically, any of his westerns could have been chosen because the focus is more on the actor than on the movie.

Here is a close up Clint, with his menacing face and stern look. I wouldn't mess with him.

Here is a close up of the clapboard sign. Notice how it says "A Fist full" instead of "A Fistful". It also shows the original Italian title. The wax figure was not auctioned, but was instead sent to the Coex Wax exhibit in Korea. The World Wax Museum is supposed to open a permanent exhibit in Pusan, but I have no information on it yet. The set Clint stands on Sold for $1500.

Many of the figures moved to a sister wax museum at fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. Find out which figures moved by visiting the Wax Museum's website here.

Visit Clint Eastwood's Filmography here.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Madame Tussaud's- Princes in the Tower

Here at Madame Tussaud's is King Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury being "protected" in the Tower of London by their uncle Richard Plantagenet. Nobody saw them alive again and Richard Plantagenet took control of the crown and became the infamous Richard III. These are some pretty cool figures, but their situation is so sad that they should belong in the Chamber of Horrors. That English history has some crazy stuff in it. Nice detail in the wax figures, great costumes and a well designed set makes this scene top notch. The scene appears to be based on the painting by Hippolyte Delaroche.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Short Waxwork Tour

Here is a video I found on Youtube that shows people being tricked into thinking the Movieland Wax Museum only has two figures. The lobby looked far different than it did in the museum's final days. The faux elegant style with the chandeliers and mirrored walls made the museum look very much like Las Vegas. The desk may have still been around, only covered up during the switch to the "movie set" lobby. Instead of a plain lobby with an upholstered bench, guests could get their picture taken with George Burns. After the tour, they could choose to buy the picture. I like the old design because it made the lobby feel less cramped. Although the video is funny, I would have liked to have seen a wax figure!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movieland- Shane

Standing tall and proud is Alan Ladd as Shane, former gunslinger who settles down with a homestead family. Unfortunately, he ends up in the middle of a dispute and cannot retire just yet. Or that's what they tell me. Shane here looks strong and honest, just like the hero he is.

Another view shows some of the typical western set. The set, which also housed a Clint Eastwood figure, once displayed WM. S. Hart, Tom Mix, Ken Maynard, an Indian, and a dead cowboy in "A typical Setting". It is unknown when the display changed, but even the chair that Ken Maynard propped his foot on was still in use until the end of Movieland.

These clapboard signs once held a label that would say something like "As he was XX years ago" A picture I have of Alan from an old guide book said "eleven years ago", so that would date the picture as 1964 (assuming they updated every year). He was standing in a different, though similar, location. Alan Ladd died the same year. The figure of Alan sold at auction for $1400. The set sold for $1500, which is surprising. I have no idea what ever happened to WM S. Hart and Ken Maynard, but Tom Mix moved to another location in the museum.

Many of the figures moved to a sister wax museum at fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. Find out which figures moved by visiting the Wax Museum's website here.

View Alan Ladd's filmography here.

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