Sunday, September 05, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm- Upstairs at Goldie's Place

Here we see the upstairs residents of Goldie's Place at Knott's Berry Farm. This one seems to have her hand bound, but I think that it is just to keep her arm up. A bit risque for a family theme park, Goldie's Place does add a bit of authenticity to the Ghost Town area of the park.

The second of the two upstairs figures hides elusively behind the window. These two figures are best viewed at night when the interior lights come on.

As you can see, the figures are barely visible in the daylight hours. Unfortunately, the Goldie's Place sign is obstructed by the Wreath as this photo was taken during Christmas time.

One last detail. This is the kicking leg that is on the side of this Board and Batten building. Along the alley is the pathway to Sad Eye Joe's jail cell.

Visit the Knott's Berry Farm website here.


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