Sunday, December 23, 2007

Disneyland Emporium- Barber

Not as noticeable as the true animatronic figures that are found elsewhere in Disneyland, the Main Street Emporium houses a few scenes of (almost) static figures. One of which is the tableaux of a boy reluctantly getting his hair cut by this over eager Barber. Notice the Christmas garland hanging on the wall, and how it magically disappears in one of the shots. Hmmm.

The poor boy acts as if there is a razor, and not a comb, in the Barbers hand. But who can blame the child, Haircuts are second only to Dentist visits when it comes to uncomfortable appointments.

Another angle continues to capture the fear in the boy's face. The whole scenario is quite amusing.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage- Benjamin Franklin

In my first post in over a month, here's some shots from what has now become one of my favorite defunct wax museums. This scene shows Benjamin Franklin buying Conestoga wagons from local blacksmiths in the Lancaster area. Franklin, who is a wax museum staple, looks much the way he always seems to, with his glasses and long hair. Dorfman Museum Figures did a great job with their Franklin figure.

Here's a full shot of the figure from the auction. It's so sad to see it with a price tag.

A blacksmith figure. I wonder if it moved up and down, or if it was static?

The second figure sported a stylish bandanna.

A cool interactive element of this set was the bellows people could pump to cause the coals to burn. Very similar it seems to Tarzan's Treehouse at Disneyland.

A sign explaining the bellows.

A partial wagon that appears complete. Creativity in budgeting at its very best.

A wide view of the entire set. What a great place this must have been!

A cool sign describing the set. Most, if not all of the sets contained these plaques.

The entire set sold at auction for $4100. A bit steep for a private collector. Maybe they planned on reusing the set someplace else in Lancaster County.

Except for the first picture, all photos are from Jennings Auction Group.

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