Saturday, December 30, 2006

Miami Wax Museum- Battle of New Orleans

(January 8 1815)

This tableau from the defunct Miami Wax Museum (Also known as Miami's Wax Museum) recreates a scene from the Battle of New Orleans. The battle was not so much a symbol of the skills of the American Army as it was an example of British incompetence. This set shows General Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) leading his men to victory as British forces attacked. The battle was famous for having involved the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte, who helped the Americans by using pirate trickery. Could that possibly be him with his red sash, pointing out to Jackson the destruction and chaos.

Jackson standing with his folding spyglass, apparently enjoying the final major battle of the war.

For fun, here is the pile of round shot Cannonballs. I wonder how many it took to fend off the British?

View more information on the Battle of New Orleans here.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Movieland Wax Museum- The Perfect Day

This Movieland Wax Museum scene is from the Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) film The Perfect Day. Next to them is Edgar Kennedy (1890-1948). The picture is a typical Laurel and Hardy film. They try to have a relaxing outing, but nothing goes according to plan and hilarity ensues. I've scene the picture, and I don't remember it having the car crash into a theatre. Although it has been years since I've watched it. With good lighting the figures look incredibly lifelike.

A close up of Laurel and Hardy. When the auction was held, two different figures were sold off in place of these two "original" figures. They took in $10,000! Not bad for replacement figures.

They Keystone cop that somehow does not pay attention to the car accident next to him. I do not know if he had always been part of the set. An old postcard I have does not show him in the scene. This figure sold for $1,500.

A close up of the figure shows his badge as Movieland Security Walter 2. He may be a tribute to the live Keystone cops the museum once had. They would pretend to be wax figures, then move and startle visitors. They also would perform magic tricks for guests.

The clapboard which shows information on the film. Laurel and Hardy are a popular choice for wax museum characters. The Edgar Kennedy figure sold at auction for $550. The Model Tee sold for $3,750. While the set sold for $1,500.

Visit the official Laurel and Hardy website here.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Knott's Berry Farm- Timber Mountain Christmas

Disneyland is not the only amusement park in Southern California that overlays existing attractions for Christmas. Knott's "Merry" Farm has a Christmas version of their critically acclaimed Timber Mountain Log Ride. The attraction already has many figures throughout, and they add even more for Christmas. Elfs have overrun the mountain, and are spreading Christmas cheer. This shot shows three existing figures and the road sign to Mrs. Claus' kitchen.

This figure is a young logger. He is strong and able, and has no problem swinging along this log.

Not as young and vibrant, this guy prefers to stand and hold a rope. He looks like he has already paid his dues.

Houses of Wax would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Visit Knott's Berry Farm's website here.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage- Amish Barn Raising

As promised, here is another shot from the National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage. This scene, the Amish barn raising, is considered the highlight of the museum. Barn raising has been a tradition in the United States since the 18th Century. Nowadays, it is primarily used by the Amish community (Hence the inclusion in the Lancaster County museum). This scene displays so much of the action one would see in a traditional barn raising.

This gentleman is probably the crew chief. He most likely has the most experience at raising barns.

This man is log carrying guy. Someday, if he raises enough barns, he'll be able to be the big fat man on the box.

Reminder: There are only a few days left to visit the Discover Lancaster County History Museum before it closes for good. They are trying to find a new home for the collection, but nothing solid has surfaced yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

View their official website while you still can here.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tussaud's London Wax Museum- Exterior

This is an interesting shot from the Louis Tussaud's London Wax Museum. I love it when wax museums have a regal and distinguished feel to them. It portrays the museum as serious and deserving of people's attention (which most are). I suppose this museum was attempting to establish itself as very British. I mean, it is a Tussaud's after all. The collection of figures was fairly diverse; from world leaders, to American history, to religion. That ship outside of the building is the worlds largest replica of the Queen Mary. From this far away it looks like a boat from Disneyland's Jungle Cruise.

Here is the sign outside of the building. The Big Ben design also reflects the English style of the museum. When the place was under the name of Josephine Tussaud's, the sign was similar yet slightly different.

The Louis Tussaud's London Wax Museum was located on Gulf Boulevard in St. Petersburg Florida. The museum operated from 1963 until 1989 under various names. I have no information on what happened to the collection of figures (Maybe they became part of other museums, or were sold, possibly destroyed). There are still wax museums under the Louis Tussaud's name, most notably in Texas and Niagara Falls.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guinness World Records Museum- The Most Tattooed Lady

This is a shot of Kystyne Kolorful, the world record holder for most tattooed woman. It is estimated that she has over 95% of her body covered. Some of the exhibits here at the museum are not quite up to date, and I do not know if the record still stands. It is reported that she shares the record with Julia Gnuse, and that they are tied in the percentage of coverage.

Kind of a strange figure. Not exactly wax, but still fits the category. Her hair is sort of strange, but it goes well with the rest of her style.

The Guinness World Records Museum is located at 6764 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA.

Visit the Guinness World records website here.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

American Historical Wax Museum- John Brown


"Old John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave. . . "

No, this picture is not from the John Brown wax museum in Harpers Ferry West Virginia. This shot, which shows the execution of John brown, comes from the the American Historical Wax Museum which once existed in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Perhaps the most famous abolitionist, he was executed on December 2nd for his raid on Harpers Ferry in October 1859.

"They hung him for a traitor, themselves a traitor crew. . . "

It was not as intimate as the picture suggests.

"His soul goes marching on. . . "

I love how wax museums put a curtain behind the figures, and consider that a set. Oh the joys of budget restraints.

View more information on John Brown here.

Visit the John Brown Wax Museum here.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Bugs Land- Manny

Here is a picture of the Preying Mantis Manny from the movie A Bugs Life. several statues were added to the Bountiful Valley Farm section of Disney's California Adventure when it was believed that the area lacked theming. These figures are kind of cool looking. They're well detailed and people seem to enjoy them. They caught my eye back in 2003 when this picture was taken.

Visit the official California Adventure website here.


Monday, December 04, 2006

News- Christina Aguilera Figure at Madame Tussaud's

Madame Tussaud's London unveiled a Christina Aguilera figure on November 30th. Included with the figure is a set that is supposed to resemble the 1920's dressing room from her music video for the song "Ain’t No Other Man". I do like the wallpaper. It reminds me of the background wallpaper for a certain Wax Museum Blog.

Here's a close up of the former Mouseketeer.

Wow! Is she checking herself out in the mirror? What a shock! I suppose we caught her mid glance.

I guess she wanted to see how that Tattoo on her lower back looks. When you start looking like your drag queen impersonators its time to go home.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's London website here.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Hollywood Wax Museum- Cast Away

Here is are some cool shots of the wax figure of Tom Hanks from the motion picture Cast Away. This is the first scene you encounter once you enter the museum (there are a few different movies represented outside the museum). A pretty small set, it consists of the wax figure and sand. However, it is still pretty neat.

Tom Hanks plays Chuck Noland, a Federal Express employee stranded on a tropical island. Unfortunately, there is no secret hatch on this island, or any smoke monsters, not even the DHARMA Initiative. But there is a volleyball named Wilson, and Chuck is so enthralled with it that he never moves his eyes off of it.

Tom Hanks, Born 1956, acting more like the title of his first movie He Knows You're Alone.

Never has an inanimate object gained so much stardom as Wilson did in this movie.

View Tom Hanks's filmography here.


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