Wednesday, September 08, 2010

National Wax Museum of Lancaster County Heritage- William Penn Receives His Land Grant From King Charles II

This scene from the defunct National Presidential Wax Museum shows William Penn receiving the land grant from King Charles II in 1681. 

In this photo we see Williams Penn holding the grant when the previous, vintage  photo had King Charles holding the paper. I suppose that during the nearly forty years of the museum's existence Mr. Penn finally got a hold of it.

A clergyman I guess. Penn's namesake state had the greatest religious freedom of any territory.

King Charles II. He gave Penn the land grant just a few years before his death.

A guard stands by.

A larger view of the tableaux. Not counting the wall, the set is pretty small.

A sign off to the side gives information on the scene.

The entire scene sold at the auction for $1,750

All photos (except the first) are from Jennings Auction Group.


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