Friday, March 28, 2008

Knott's Ghost Town- Sad Eye Joe's Neighbors

Sad Eye Joe isn't the only person in Jail at Knott's Berry Farm. This other guy sits alone in his cell awaiting his fate. He's a quiet man, and he isn't as talkative as Joe. But those sad, sad eyes tell the same story of the loss and betrayal that led him to his cell.

Around the corner is this figure that's only a leg. I believe there's a story to it, but I don't know what that story is. I can't remember if the leg still moves.

Visit the Knott's Berry Farm website here.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Palace of Living Art- Pauline Bonaparte as Venus Victrix

Pauline Bonaparte (Paulina Borghese) as Venus Victrix at the Palace of Living Art at Movieland Wax Museum had the distinction of being recreated as both a marble statue, and as a wax figure. Here we see the latter up for sale, and sitting on the King and I set. Her couch is missing and the figure looks quite odd reclining up against air. The figure must have been in storage, or at the San Fransisco wax museum before being sold at the Movieland auction.

This closer view of the figure shows more detail. The Palace of Living Art figures are some of my favorite.

Outside of the museum was this marble statue that graced the former entrance to the Palace. This and several other statues remained in front of the building until they were sold at the auction.

A night time view reveals what seems to be a repair, or repaint to the statue's chest.

A daytime close up also shows the repair to the breast of the statue.

The wax figure sold at the auction for $900, while the marble statue sold for $7,000!

Visit the Palace of Living Art in San Fransisco here.


Friday, March 21, 2008

News- Miley Cyrus at Madame Tussaud's

While Billy Ray Cyrus may have been immortalized at Movieland Wax Museum, his daughter Miley (formerly Destiny) joins the ranks of wax figures at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York. The singer/actress is very popular right now with her basic cable television show in which she plays a pop star who disguises herself in order to maintain a normal home life.

Another view of the figure and its massive amount of hair.

Madame Tussaud's did a great job with the actress's likeness, as usual.

A close up of the figure's face.

View more information on Miley Cyrus here.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's New York website here.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf- Albert Schweitzer


Albert Schweitzer, the famous Renaissance man, and notable theologian is honored here at the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf. Standing in his African "adventurer's" outfit, he looks almost Twainesque. However, it is fairly accurate. Woe to the museum that puts figures of him, Mark Twain, and Albert Einstein next to each other.

A close up of the figure's face shows that it appears more like a caricature than it does a realistic person.

View more information on Albert Schweitzer here.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

News- Jim Carrey at Madame Tussaud's

Madame Tussaud's of London unveiled an awesome Jim Carrey Figure this week. the figure is one of the best likenesses I've seen in a long while. They did a terrific job recreating not only his image, but also his attitude and vibrancy.

A close up of his face. It looks just like a photo of the real deal.

Other wax museums have Carrey figure's but this is by far the most realistic.

Let's hope he keeps his hair this way for a while.

One last shot. I love it how the figures are released when the star has a project coming out.

View Jim Carrey's filmography here.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's website here.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WDW-Fort Langhorn: Guard House

I hope the guard house is where guards go to sleep at Fort Langhorn, and not where they're supposed to keep watch. Anyway, this shot shows the man sleeping in his bed at the fort on Tom Sawyer Island at Walt Disney World. In order to keep him asleep, I think I will turn off the lights. . .

This is more like it. Now this poor mountain man can get some peace and quiet, and all of the tourists can explore the fort and island.

Another view of this figure shows how stiff and rigid it is. I can't imagine how he could ever get the sleep he needs. I guess the frontier didn't have the amenities were are all accustom to.

A close up of the figure's face. The character really seems to appreciate his sleep. An average figure, but since Tom Sawyer Island experiences more of the elements (including guests), they need to be more durable.

The exterior of the guard house. As the worn wood and bars show, he gets a lot of visitors.

Visit the Walt Disney World website here.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Southwestern Historical Wax Museum- Mickey Mantle


Here we see Mickey Mantle swinging his bat in the Southwestern Historical Wax Museum. Born in Oklahoma, Mantle is best known for being the legendary New York Yankees Center fielder. This color photo from the wax museum is a terrific example of how wax museums imitate motion through clever positioning. The backdrop is also pretty unique, showing chalk-like images of a baseball scene. The dirt and home plate are a cool touch as well.

A close up of number seven.

This black and white photo shows how the tableau didn't always have the dirt and mural. But the figure, and his smile always remained the same. Although, this picture shows the plate in the wrong direction, or else Mantle spun around 360 degrees when he hit.

The Southwestern Historical Wax Museum, located in Grand Prairie Texas burned down in 1988. The museum reopened as the Palace of Wax shortly thereafter.

Visit the Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax Museum here.

View more on Mickey Mantle here.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Guinness World Records Museum- Firewalking

Today's post shows a figure from the Guinness World Records Museum. This firewalker seems to have no problem standing on hot coals. In reality, he would need to keep up a faster pace to avoid burning. I'm not sure who this is supposed to be. It wouldn't have killed me to take a picture of the informative sign so I could remember. It may be Komar the Firewalker, who once held the record, but I have no clue who it is. Nice figure though.

A close up of the figure in more natural lighting. These figures seem to be of the fiberglass variety, and are far more durable than other figures. Although, sometimes the paint gets messed up.

Visit the Guinness World records website here.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Hollywood Wax Museum- Halle Berry

Lights, camera, action! In front of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood there's a big awards show going on, and one of the winners is Halle Berry. Well, it's not the real Kodak theater, though it is just a block away. It is a recreation of a star studded red carpet at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Here we see Halle Berry in an evening gown posing for pictures. For some reason, women are harder to sculpt accurately, but this figure is very realistic. It's a far cry from the figures that once called the Hollywood Wax Museum home (though they still had their charm).

A closer shot shows more detail of the figure and the famous dress she wore when she won her Academy Award.

View more information on Halle Berry here.

Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum website here.

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