Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Palace of Living Art- The Captive

Michelangelo's statue, The Captive (A.K.A The Dying Captive, The Prisoner), is seen here in the Palace of Living Art. Located at the Movieland Wax Museum, the Palace had wax representations of famous paintings and sculptures. This figure represents the human model for the sculpture.

A closer view of the figure shows its detail. Notice the shackle on the left arm.

When Movieland Wax Museum closed its doors in 2005, they sold many items that once belonged to the Palace of Living Art. Here is the marble statue that was also at the palace. There was often both a wax figure, and a reproduction of the original piece of art in the Palace.

This image was used in promotional material for the museum. I'm not sure if it was a photograph of the original or of their reproduction.

The marble reproduction of the captive statue sold at the Movieland auction for $850. The wax figure isn't part of the Palace of Living Art in San Francisco. However,  that's not to say the figure isn't on display somewhere at the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf. Next time we'll take a look at that figure, and what kind of tableau it could belong to.


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