Sunday, October 21, 2007

Denver Wax Museum- Colorado Maneater Alfred Packer


Happy Halloween season! And to keep with the spirit, here's a shot of Alfred Packer, the Colorado Maneater. Although there was some controversy to whether he murdered the men he ate, or ate them out of necessity, this is still a pretty gruesome scene. Imagine walking through the historic scenes of the Denver Wax Museum and seeing this guy with his bloody bones.

The look in this figure's eyes is enough to scare most people. Funny how starvation makes you do crazy things.

Not only was Alfred Packer a Cannibal, he was a very hungry cannibal at that. These men had their bones picked clean!

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Randallp said...

Believe it or not Alfred Packer is a distant relative. Maybe great great great grandpa or something.

Jace said...

I was an elementary student when we went to visit the Wax Museum and the Denver Mint. It was the big outing of the year. I'll never forget this. It was the only display I remembered. When you pushed the button for "live" action, he would breath real heavy with howling wind sounds. It was pretty creepy.

Anonymous said...

this is a DISGRACE to history. Alfred Packer shot friend Shannon Bell the TRUE culprit of cannibalism after being attacked by him and his hatchet. Proven in 1994, David P. Bailey, Curator of History at the Museum of Western Colorado, Alfred was shooting in self defense, where as all the other victims were killed by a up Denver wax museum.

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