Friday, February 29, 2008

Movieland Wax Museum- Cleopatra

The Movieland Wax Museum tableau featuring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the movie Cleopatra was one of the most popular in the museum. Based on the price her figure went for, there is no doubt that she was truly one of the most popular stars of her era. Here we see her on the throne as Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. Although it took some time for this 1963 motion picture to recoup its $44 million budget, it did become a money maker for the studio.

Ms. Taylor looks older as a wax Cleopatra than she did in the film. This figure proves she was one of the "biggest" actresses at Movieland.

Richard Burton as Mark Antony. His figure played second fiddle to Taylor's for all of its Movieland run.

A clapboard sign detailing the actors and their film.

Elizabeth Taylor's wax figure sold at the Movieland auction for $25,000, while Burton's sold for a mere $5,000. The props sold for $1,500, and the set/stage sold for $200.


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