Monday, February 25, 2008

Miami Wax Museum- Pope John XXIII and Cardinal Spellman

Popes are a favorite topic for wax museums. Even now, the San Francisco Wax Museum has a display featuring the current Pope and John Paul II. But way back when, the Miami Wax Museum had their own display. This shot shows Pope John XXIII of Italy, and New York's own Cardinal Spellman. These are high quality figures, and have very realistic features. Although their set is far too simple, (curtains often serve as the only backdrop for many wax museum displays) the detail in the figures makes up for it.

A close up of the Pope. As you can see, the figure is pretty high quality. The dark circles around the eyes are especially good. Angelo Roncalli became Pope John XXIII in 1958

And here's a shot of Cardinal Francis Spellman. He became Cardinal in 1946, and served as such until his death. It's funny that the two are together in this tableau, seeing as he is believed to have not liked Pope John XXII.



Boulou said...

About catholic and latino wax figures, do you know this Allen Parkinson's project of Latino Wax Museum ? 30 figures exist. It's amazing.

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment. Another reader informed me about those figures a few months ago. It's sad that the museum never really got off the ground. What's so amazing is how the figures survived all these years.


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