Monday, March 03, 2008

Hollywood Wax Museum- Halle Berry

Lights, camera, action! In front of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood there's a big awards show going on, and one of the winners is Halle Berry. Well, it's not the real Kodak theater, though it is just a block away. It is a recreation of a star studded red carpet at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Here we see Halle Berry in an evening gown posing for pictures. For some reason, women are harder to sculpt accurately, but this figure is very realistic. It's a far cry from the figures that once called the Hollywood Wax Museum home (though they still had their charm).

A closer shot shows more detail of the figure and the famous dress she wore when she won her Academy Award.

View more information on Halle Berry here.

Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum website here.


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