Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Spectacular Wax Museum- Joan of Arc at the Stake

This French Heroine was born in Dompremy in 1492 in the land of Champagne and Lorraine. France was very unhappy. The English troops were constantly threatening, and they occupied Calais and were about to take foothold in that Kingdom, when Joan, inspired by God, leads her countrymen in defeating the invaders and driving them out of Orleans and other towns. This action enabled the French Dauphin to be crowned Charles VII in the Cathedral of Reims. But the following year the French were defeated by the English, and Joan was taken prisoner, declared heretical, and condemned to be burnt alive. She was lead to the stake in May 1431, and was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1922.

Joan praying as she is about to be burnt alive.

Bald guy. Not sure what he is doing. He has no fire, so perhaps he's going to whack her on the head with his big cross.

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