Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hollywood Wax Museum- Batman

Capitalizing on the first three Batman movies, the Hollywood Wax Museum has a display featuring the caped crusader along with three of his most popular villains. On the bed, flaunting her sensuality, is Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman. While her reluctant movie partner the Penguin, played by Danny Devito, hides behind the bed.

Next to the bed is Jim Carrey as the Riddler. His question mark scepter serves as a reminder of his enigmatic personality.

Our hero himself emerges from out of the shadows, all too willing to save Gotham City from these fiendish foes.

With lights on, we see the Dark Knight in all his glory. Which actor is playing Bruce Wayne's alter ego? Michael Keaton, or George Clooney?

A close up of Catwoman.

And of the Penguin. He's perhaps the creepiest of all these movie villains.

And the least menacing? Bruce almighty he's expressive!

Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum's website here.


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