Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paris Spectacular Wax Museum- Joan of Arc in Her Armor

"Jeanne d'Arc in the full armor of a French Knight. The figure is inspired by the statue at the Church of the Madeleine, in Paris. It tells the story of the inspired peasant girl who 'heard voices' bidding her help the Dauphin win his throne. It stands as a symbol of the glorious and tragic events which marked the beginning of the national esprit of France. Here, see Jeanne d'Arc, one of the central figures of French history, dying in a burst of flames, the victim of a great injustice."

A close up of the woman warrior. They did a great job with her expression, and with her hair.

View more information on Joan of Arc here.

View more information about the Seattle World's Fair here.


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Here is another site with a wealth of information about Joan of Arc -

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