Wednesday, September 09, 2009

News- Tonight Show Figures Sold

Anyone who has been watching the Tonight Show with Conan O'brien since its debut will know about the two wax figures the show purchased from the Hollywood Wax Museum auction. The wax likenesses of Tom Cruise and Henry Winkler (Fonzie) were used in many different sketches, and were eventually retired. They were sold as a pair on ebay for $3,050.08, with the proceeds going towards the troubled state of California.

The wax figure of Tom Cruise lays on a couch. They really put the figures through the ringer, having shot them out of a cannon 60 feet into the air.

Here's a shot of the Fonzie figure before all of the damage.

And the Tom Cruise figure when it was being auctioned off the first time.

Visit the Hollywood Wax Museum's website here.

Tonight Show images courtesy of ebay.


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