Saturday, September 05, 2009

Movieland Wax Museum- Queen Christina

In this shot, we see Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in a scene from the 1933 film, Queen Christina. Garbo is the queen of Sweden who has finally found love with the Spaniard Antonio (Gilbert). She eventually advocates her throne and leaves Sweden to be with him. However, not everything ends up roses when he is mortally wounded in a duel.

A closer shot of the two figures. Notice how the lighting makes the characters almost come to life.

And with the flash on, the scene looks far less dramatic.

A close up of the clapboard sign. The wax facts information is quite interesting. I'm still amazed when I hear how much these wardrobe pieces cost.

The set, which was basically a fireplace, sold at the Movieland auction for $170.



Purplepeanut said...

Bob --

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting these Queen Christina photos! I've been looking for some really good photos of this scene, and these are AWESOME! They capture the tableau lighting, too! Do you have some high-res copies you can e-mail to me?

By the way, you mention they sold the set, but who bought the figures? Did they even sell them, or are they still locked up in Buena Park?

-- Richard A.

Bob said...

I'm wondering the same thing too. I can't locate the figures. Maybe they are still inside the museum with the others. That would be something.

Purplepeanut said...

You bet! I'd especially love to see that Greta Garbo figure up close. I have every reason to suspect it's an original Katherine Stubergh work (she did quite a few of the figures for that museum, after all), and I'd love to see more of her figures from her years in Hollywood.

If you've got some high-res copies you can send me of these Queen Christina pictures, please send them to ...

... I need to send you some more stuff soon. Did I ever send you some pictures of those George Washington figures at Mount Vernon?

-- Richard A.

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