Sunday, October 12, 2008

Movieland Wax Museum- Grotesque Head

The owners of Movieland Wax Museum took advantage of the auction to sell off many figures and sets that were not part of the existing museum. We see this head that was obviously used as part of the Chamber of Horrors, probably from the San Fransisco. Wax Museum. This head is reason enough why so many people skip the Chamber of Horrors at these places. It is just so gory. This figure fits in with the bloody stumps, and disemboweled bodies of Halloween Haunts everywhere.

The head sold for $275 at the auction.


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Purplepeanut said...

Wow. $275? That's around my price range. ;)

Sure is ugly, though. Ick.

Wonder if you got my e-mail with the Lincoln-Douglas Debates photos. You mentioned that it's best to do a comment too, because you don't check your e-mail as often, so it's probably gotten to you -- but since you're doing a Halloween Chamber of Horrors month, I'll be sending you some more photos. They'll mostly be from the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum in Ark., and the museum in St. Louis. (Maybe some horror photos from the Hollywood Wax Museum here in Gatlinburg, too.)

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Hope all's well with you, and that you're weathering this vicious economic collapse OK.

Richard Archer

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