Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knott's Ghost Town- Boot Hill Undertaker

Every October Knott's Berry Farm turns into Knott's Scary Farm, but even during the regular season, they have a few ghoulish elements. Here in the Ghost Town, we see the transformation of an unfortunate man from a dead body, to a skeleton. Upon looking into the Undertaker's window we see the figure eerily switch.

Unfortunately, the effect was not working the day I visited, and the man we see here never showed up. Only when I tried to take a picture using flash did I see the body. To the naked eye, it went from skeleton to empty coffin, and back again. So this flash picture shows the two occupying the same space. Creepy. . .

This shot shows just the skeleton standing in the coffin, helped by a wire attached to its head.

A close up of the body with the skeleton in view.

The unwelcoming Boot Hill Undertaker's shop. You can also rent a room above the dead people.

A You Tube video which shows the effect when it's working.

Visit the Knott's Berry Farm website here.



Purplepeanut said...


There isn't still a wax museum near Knott's Berry Farm, is there? Or was that the Movieland museum I'm thinking of?


Purplepeanut said...

Hi, Bob. Do you remember the wax museum that used to be in Colorado Springs, I think it was called the Hall of Presidents Living Wax Studio? A lady I met up in South Dakota wants to know if it's still there (I don't think it is any more, but I'm not positive) and if the figures are still there, or where they may have gone. I did a search on your blog, but I didn't find anything on that museum -- if you can scratch up some info or pictures for me, please let me know. (She's the manager of the National Presidential Wax Museum, and she's wanting to know how many other wax museums survive, especially those devoted to American history.)

Thanks! And thanks for your comments on the Lincoln-Douglas photos, too. I'll try to get you some more as time and events allow.

All the best!


Bob said...

Yeah, that was Movieland, but I heard the movie theater near knotts bought some figures from Movieland and is displaying them there. Though I haven't been.

Bob said...

The only information I have on the Hall of Presidents in Colorado is this: It was Located at 1050 S. 21st, Colorado Springs, Co, and it opened in 1969 and closed in 1996. I hope that helps. My Links section of the blog has many wax museums that are still around, and that have websites. I try to keep it updated, but wax museums close more frequently than they open.

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