Thursday, August 28, 2008

Movieland Wax Museum- The Absent Minded Professor's New Home

Back in January I shared some photos from Houses of Wax Reader Bill, who bought a couple of items from the Movieland Wax Museum auction in 2006. His display of the old Marx Brothers Animal Crackers set was really incredible, but he also bought the Absent Minded Professor flying car and Fred MacMurray figure. Here we see the car hanging from the ceiling, waiting for its new home. Bill told me that they hope to assemble it in their living room and also have it hanging from the ceiling with all the lights and sounds of the Flubbermobile.

Another photo shows that the Model T appears to be attached to some kind of track. I wonder if it used to fly around the tree. When I visited the museum, it was hanging still beside the tree.

It was quite an endeavor to get this thing down.

But it was done, and the car will move to its new home soon. The car's motor alone weighed almost 1000 lbs!

Outside the museum, the car is loaded on the trailer and tied down.

Oh wait, we need the Fred MacMurray figure, uh torso I mean. He is wearing an antique raccoon jacket.

The lucky new owners pose with the absent minded professor himself.

After years and years of driving, Fred gets to relax in the back seat for the ride home.

Thanks again to Bill for these incredible pictures.



Purplepeanut said...

Great to see that the Professor's found a new home! (Little creepy that he's just a torso, though.)

Since Bill was at the auction, is there any chance that he would know who purchased the Greta Garbo "Queen Christina" and the Jeanette MacDonald "Merry Widow" figures? I'm still holding out hope that, one day, I may see them "in person" and be able to take photos and/or video.

If he/you have any info, please let me know. Thanks!




Thank you for caring so much about Movieland. Your passion and concern about the preservation of this great wax museum is very apparent.

Movieland was my favorite museum and I journey through it frequently with photographs and video. Although it is gone, it's folks like you that keep the magic going.

It truly was a great "art museum" and it's artistry lives on when folks like yourself care.

THANK YOU for caring!

Mr. Shannon Schrum

Mary said...

It was my favorite museum, also! Thank you for posting this website, and I am glad some of the figures have loving homes!! I would like to know what happened to the figures that were in the Palace of Living Art!

Purplepeanut said...

That's a good question, Mary.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Bob, but didn't the Palace of Living Art figures end up at the Fisherman's Wharf museum?

I'd like to see those myself when I eventually make it out to San Francisco. Especially the Mona Lisa figure and the American Gothic recreation.

Bob said...

The Palace of Living Art did move to San Francisco, and is still there, but it is a lot smaller than when it was in Movieland. I know of at least one figure that moved from the Palace of Living Art to the Chamber of Horrors! They just added blood to the figure.

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