Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movieland Wax Museum- Animal Crackers New Home pt 1

Any regular reader of Houses of Wax (If there are any), may remember my previous post on the Marx Brothers tableau at Movieland Wax Museum. Well, H.O.W. was contacted by website reader Bill, who happened to have purchased the set from the Movieland Auction in 2006. From the above photo, you can see that the set was really cool looking, and what Bill and his family did with it after they bought it was even more cool.

Here's the set sans figures, waiting for its new home.

The dismantling. Yes, all that snow is included. It took fifteen large garbage bags to hold it all! The piano was a real Baby Grand, and I am told it weighed a ton! The base of the piano is an antique pot belly stove from the turn of the 20th Century.

Just prior to the disassembly, the lucky new owners stand in front of the display.

An here the is at its brand new home. The set looks amazing! Another note on a set piece, the golf bag held antique golf clubs, balls, a toilet plunger, along with Groucho's cigar.

Another view of the set, I am so glad it continues to be appreciated. Thanks again to Bill for contacting me, and letting me share with everyone the great job they did with the Animal Crackers display.

But what happened to the wax figures? Well, I think I found them. The weren't sold at the auction, so I thought that they may have been sent to Korea for the World Wax Museum display, but a recent leads me to believe that they may be closer than I thought.

Next time Part 2, the figures reemerge.


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