Sunday, March 09, 2008

Southwestern Historical Wax Museum- Mickey Mantle


Here we see Mickey Mantle swinging his bat in the Southwestern Historical Wax Museum. Born in Oklahoma, Mantle is best known for being the legendary New York Yankees Center fielder. This color photo from the wax museum is a terrific example of how wax museums imitate motion through clever positioning. The backdrop is also pretty unique, showing chalk-like images of a baseball scene. The dirt and home plate are a cool touch as well.

A close up of number seven.

This black and white photo shows how the tableau didn't always have the dirt and mural. But the figure, and his smile always remained the same. Although, this picture shows the plate in the wrong direction, or else Mantle spun around 360 degrees when he hit.

The Southwestern Historical Wax Museum, located in Grand Prairie Texas burned down in 1988. The museum reopened as the Palace of Wax shortly thereafter.

Visit the Louis Tussaud's Palace of Wax Museum here.

View more on Mickey Mantle here.


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