Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Paris Spectacular Wax Museum- At the Court of an Egyptian Queen

"This scene represents a drawing-room in the Royal Palace of Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra, daughter of Ptolemy Auletus, who had granted the throne to her and to her brother on the condition that they should marry one another. The favorites of young Ptolemy banished his sister and when Caesar conquered Alexandria, Cleopatra slipped into the palace in a parcel of old clothes and seduced the General. Caesar, withheld by his affairs and his love for Cleopatra, remained a few months in Egypt. Here we see Caesar beseeching the Queen to accompany him to Rome, promising to have her statue placed in the Temple of Venus."

The Queen herself, Cleopatra VII, in her court. Unfortunately, the figure of Caesar beseeching her is out of the shot. Perhaps her expression is enough to convey his attitude.

Nice monkey.

Is she about to drape Cleopatra in sheer linen , or is she doing the dance of the seven veils?

I think I like her expression the most. It's probably the eyebrows.

The Paris Spectacular Wax Museum was part of the Century 21 exposition, better known as the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. The museum housed 26 tableaux covering a variety of subjects, from the ancients to Literature to History to French women fighting.

View more information about the Seattle World's Fair here.


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