Saturday, December 30, 2006

Miami Wax Museum- Battle of New Orleans

(January 8 1815)

This tableau from the defunct Miami Wax Museum (Also known as Miami's Wax Museum) recreates a scene from the Battle of New Orleans. The battle was not so much a symbol of the skills of the American Army as it was an example of British incompetence. This set shows General Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) leading his men to victory as British forces attacked. The battle was famous for having involved the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte, who helped the Americans by using pirate trickery. Could that possibly be him with his red sash, pointing out to Jackson the destruction and chaos.

Jackson standing with his folding spyglass, apparently enjoying the final major battle of the war.

For fun, here is the pile of round shot Cannonballs. I wonder how many it took to fend off the British?

View more information on the Battle of New Orleans here.


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