Friday, January 12, 2007

Hawaiian Wax Museum- Exterior

Today's post is on the exterior of the Hawaiian Wax Museum. If this shot is any indication, then this place must have been really cool. The Polynesian architecture fits completely with the spirit of the island and the museum. Of course this is a posed shot; showing the beautiful hostesses welcoming visitors to the museum, and the happy tourists making their way inside. I figure that one challenge the museum faced was that it competed with the beauty of the island itself. The State of Hawaii has so many attractions that the museum may have not have been able to draw enough people away from the beaches and volcanoes. On a side note, the sign in front of the building shows a scene from the museum featuring Hawaii's early settlers.

A close up of the museum's Hostesses.

No, they're not tourists at all! What would ever give anyone that idea.

The Hawaiian Wax Museum focused its collection on Hawaiian history from the early settlers (around 500 A.D) to annexation by the United States of America (1898).


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