Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Disneyland-Shrunken Ned

Doctor Nedley Lostmore lost more than he expected during his trip to the wilds of Adventureland. But as a result, guests at Disneyland can receive a personal diagnosis and a souvenir prescription card for only 50¢. Great detail has gone into the construction of Ned's head. It combines both realism and caricature, which makes it fairly tame for something that would otherwise seem pretty gruesome.

This machine sits inside the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost/Adventureland Bazaar building in Adventureland. Similar Machines inside the park have included Fortune Red in the Pieces of Eight shop and Esmeralda in the Penny Arcade. (Plus a new less detailed Esmeralda like fortune teller also inside the Penny Arcade)

Visit the official Disneyland website here.


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bestonline323 said...

i was just in disneyland/adventureland and i loved that. i think its so cool souvenir prescription card i think that is so funny. the jungle's only self-serve witch doctor" right? haha

"Reposing in the South Sea Traders store in Adventureland is the gentleman we're discussing here. He's a little short of stature, but he makes up for that with a lot of character. He is Doctor Nedley "Shrunken Ned" Lostmore.Billing himself as "the jungle's only self-serve witch doctor", Ned is certainly notable, stashed away in his bamboo case, surrounded by implements of his former life as a British explorer. Nedley allows for two guilty pleasures to mingle: the first being a politically uncorrect affection for Imperialist Adventure tales of Great White Hunters exploring far-flung realms in name of Queen and empire, and the second being a morbid chuckle out of the stiff-upper-lipped rat getting what's coming to him. Rumour has it that Ned was uncovered roughly around the same time that Indiana Jones' famous Temple of the Forbidden Eye was rediscovered. But while Disneyland offered him a place of honour as a shoppe centrepiece, Walt Disney World went one further by offering him an attraction to lay his name to. "


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