Saturday, July 17, 2010

Musée Grévin- Bonaparte and Josephine

Bonaparte et Josephine Pendant une soiree a la Malmaison.

This photograph shows Napoleon and Josephine during a party at the famed Chateau Malmasion. This is a very posed shot, and we can see the two in the center of the tableaux, while the other guests are off to each side.

Napoleon and Josephine Bonapart. The female figure is lounging on the seat while Napoleon is standing in his most famous pose.

These three young maidens are standing together outside, and are quite involved with the bird that one has in her hand. The large mural represents the french countryside.

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Boulou said...

Unfortunately this scene called "soirée à la Malmaison 1800" (evening at Malmaison 1800) no longer exists. It opened on 21st of november 1900. There were 48 wax figures in this set. It was removed in early 2000 to renovate the museum.
The 3 ladies behind Bonaparte and Josephine are (left to right) Antoinette Auguié, Mademoiselle Lebrun and Adèle Auguié.
3 or 4 figures still exists in the big hall of the grévin museum as "grévin classics".

Bob said...

Thanks for the information. It's a shame that such an old display had to be removed.

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