Saturday, May 08, 2010

News- Music Valley Wax Museum Destroyed By Flood

A recent article by the Nashville Business Journal confirmed what I had been fearing. The Music Valley Wax Museum of the Stars was destroyed by the recent flooding in Nashville. The museum housed over 75 wax figures, and countless country music artifacts. I was extremely fortunate to have visited the museum just weeks before the flood, and I can personally say that it was a great experience. The good news is that the owner, Buddy Messer does indeed plan to salvage what he can and reopen in a new location. Most of the figure's heads were saved, but the one of a kind outfits they were wearing suffered heavy damage.

This is what the museum looked like in early April 2010. Just a few weeks before the flooding. The museum has a walk of fame with country singer's hand prints, similar to the Grauman's Chinese Theater.

The earliest dates I saw in the cement were from 1982. Many of them were far more recent.

The other side of the walkway. These two sections were filled up, so newer slabs were installed near the sidewalk.

The museum has this great sign. It is very tall, so there's little doubt that it stayed above water.


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