Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movieland Wax Museum- Michael Jackson

In what is a very sad and tragic day, Michael Jackson has passed away. This will be the first of several tributes that Houses of Wax will give to the King of Pop. Here you see Michael dressed in his original and authentic "Bad" outfit. He was a very popular figure in wax museums, which is very telling of his enormous talent and status. If the large crowds outside his hospital are any indication, he will be missed for a long, long time.

Another view of the figure. It shared the stage with other iconic wax musicians.

Even John Lennon could not hold a candle to Michael Jackson. John also died young.

A close up of the figure.

A clapboard sign giving information on the star. He was on hand to unveil his figure.

This less detailed, and lower quality figure sold at the movieland auction for $900. The actual figure moved to the World Wax Museum in South Korea.


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