Monday, June 08, 2009

Disneyland- Main Street Cinema

At Disneyland, with all of its animatronic figures and characters, some of the best features of the park are the simplest ones. Here, we see Main Street Cinema, a small building which shows classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. In front of the entrance is a ticket booth with a figure of "Tilly", a cast member who is originally from Walt Disney's home town of Marceline Missouri.

A view of the ticket booth with Tilly sitting inside. There's no movement to the figure, but the detail is fairly good.

A closer view of the figure shows more of its features. Notice the name tag. I guess that makes it an honorary cast member.

From straight on you can see not only the figure's hat hanging up, but also photographs of many famous individuals. I'm not sure what their significance is with either Disney or Missouri.

And from another angle.

Some of the signs around the entrance advertise the movies inside.

And on the other wall is more of the same.

And the star of the cinema himself, Mickey Mouse.


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