Friday, May 29, 2009

Movieland Wax Museum- Tourist With Camera

One of the few figures in the Movieland Wax Museum that did not focus on any movie or television show is this tourist figure that looks suspiciously like the keystone cop that used to roam Movieland. The figure itself was referred to as male extra in the museum's literature. It is wearing an old movieland shirt that was apparently worn at the museum as a uniform, and an awesome pair of Zubaz.

A shot of the figure as it would have looked in the museum. The Kodak disc camera that it is holding was rigged to continually flash. This created a sort of strobe effect.

A close up of the figure with flash. (mine, not the disc camera's)

The wax figure sold at the Movieland auction for $900. Four boxes of the Movieland uniforms sold for $400.


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