Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Potter's Wax Museum- Richard I


Today's post shows King Richard I of England, also know as Richard the Lionheart. Known for his involvement in the Crusades, Richard stands here at the Potter's Wax Museum as a monument to one of the most recognizable names in English History.

A close up of the wax figure. Richard is often portrayed in Robin Hood stories as the absent King who returns to England to stop Prince John from claiming the crown.

Visit the Potter's Wax Museum's website here.



Purplepeanut said...

Hi Bob! Just checking in with you. You haven't posted anything on the site in over a month -- if you're busy or something, that's cool, I'm just hoping everything's OK.


Bob said...

Thanks for the concern. My wife and I spent the last month dogsitting for her parents while they were on vacation. It gave us a break from our small apartment, but it also made it hard for me to post anything. I should be posting again very soon.


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