Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Madame Tussaud's- Guy Fawkes


This picture from Madame Tussaud's in London shows Guy Fawkes attempting to blow up the English Parliament building in order to restore Roman Catholic rule in England. The barrels are full of gunpowder, which would have created a devastating explosion. However, Fawkes was apprehended before his plot was completed. Although the plan was not fully executed, Fawkes was, but not before he became a legend in England.

Visit the Madame Tussaud's London website here.



j said...

Hi Bob,

Love your dedication to the art of the Wax Museums of the world, something that seems a bit taken for granted anymore. As a sculptor, I have dreams of owning and operating my own wax museum someday.

Anyway,really enjoy reading all this stuff! -j

Bob said...

Thanks J,
I Appreciate your comment. I love posting pictures from these great old (and current) wax museums. I agree, not many people care too much anymore about wax museums, which is a shame.

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