Saturday, January 31, 2009

Burning Spring Wax Museum- The Burning Spring

Niagara Falls is a hot spot for wax museums. There are currently four museums open on the Canadian side of the falls, but today's post concentrates on one that's no longer in business. The Burning Spring Wax Museum focused on Canadian and American history, a theme that was perfect for a border town. However, I guess the educational aspect of the museum was not all that exciting for tourists when there was much more to see and do at the falls. Here we see the Burning Spring itself, a natural gas spring that created an "eternal flame" when ignited.

This is supposed to be Father Hennepin, who visited the falls in 1678.

An Indian girl who seems to be admiring the Father. This may be Lelawala, the young Indian girl who, as legend states, was sent over the falls as a sacrifice to appease the thunder god Hinum. This was to prevent the men from becoming ill, which may be why the male is lying down.

And an older male standing by the teepee.


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