Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Musée de Cire Lourdes- The Nativity

The Musée de Cire Lourdes in France, a wax museum dedicated the the lives of Bernadette Soubirous, and Jesus, houses this wonderful little tableau of the Nativity scene. Here, we see Mary, the shepherds, and the Magi, all admiring the baby Jesus in his swaddling clothes. The manger, a hollowed out log, is all he has for a bed, as there was no room for them at the inn.

In this close up, we see Mary and Jesus. The bond they held, evident in this display.

One of the Magi, holding Frankincense, or Myrrh.

A shepherd boy standing near the Christ Child.

The Musée de Cire Lourdes is a part of the Musée Grévin chain, and is located in Lourdes France.


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