Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Denver Wax Museum- Baby Doe at the Matchless Mine

For today's post we see the tragic story of Elizabeth McCourt Tabor, also known as Baby Doe. A once wealthy Colorado silver mine owner, she became penniless during the silver crash of 1893. Her husband, Horace Austin Warner Tabor, who was 25 years older than she was, convinced her that their beloved matchless mine would once again yield a fortune in silver. He died in 1899, and Baby Doe lived out most of the remaining years of her life in a shack by the mine until she froze to death in 1935.

A close up of Baby Doe Tabor, a delusional, sickly, poor woman who let the greed of a non-existent fortune dictate most of her life.

View more on Baby Doe Tabor here.


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