Friday, October 03, 2008

Tussaud's London Wax Museum- Frankenstein and Wolf Man

Share the same terrifying dungeon in the eerie CHAMBER OF HORRORS. A visit that will excite you (if your nerves are strong) at Josephine Tussaud's famous LONDON WAX MUSEUM.

Halloween is Chamber of Horrors month here at Houses of Wax, and each post will be simply horrifying. Unless there's a new figure coming out this month, we will only see chilling scenes from wax museums past and present. Remember, you don't have to go this way, you can choose to skip the Chamber of Horrors if monsters scare you.

Today we see two of the Granddaddies of horror films, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein. These wax museum regulars at the (Josephine/Louis) Tussaud's London wax Museum in St. Petersburg Florida seem all too pleased to meet unsuspecting guests who wonder into the chamber. Nice detail on Frankenstein's monster, while the Wolf Man captures the mood of the original movies.

A close up of the two figures. It must have been nice not having to sculpt an expression on Frank's face.

Learn more about the London Wax Museum here.


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