Thursday, October 23, 2008

Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum- Alfred Hitchcock

Today we have a special spooky treat for everyone. Purplepeanut, a Houses of Wax reader, has graciously provided this blog with some great pictures of some eerie wax museum scenes from across the country. Today's post is of a very familiar face. So lets begin, if you dare. . .

"How do you do, ladies and gentlemen ... " The Master of Suspense welcomes you to the Chamber of Horrors!! These photos are from the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas (June 2008). Film director Alfred Hitchcock stands at the entrance to this museum's Chamber of Horrors. The likeness isn't exactly spot-on (frankly, he looks a little under-fed), but it certainly serves the purpose.

Though many wax museums have their own special scare section, they typically place it near the end of your visit. The JTWM gives us the goods early on, but there's still a convenient bypass for those with faint hearts.

A picture of Hitchcock in the Chamber's normal lighting -- dark in there, what? Alfred Hitchcock directed fifty-three motion pictures, many of them classics, like Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, and Rear Window. Only Psycho, however, comes close to being an actual "horror" film, so "Hitch's" appearance here may seem a little odd. Over time, though, his name's become synonymous with "fear" and "suspense" for millions of movie lovers

One last shot before we move on. "Until next time .. good night!"

Photos and text courtesy of Purplepeanut.

Thanks Purplepeanut for the terrific photos. Mr. Hitchcock directed one of my all time favorite movies, Rope. Which is a wonderfully presented tale of murder most foul. I must agree with you on the way he looks malnourished, but with the eerie lighting, the figure looks pretty good.

Visit the Josephine Tussaud website here.


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