Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marineland of the Pacific- Mold-A-Rama Sea Lion

In what is a turn from the usual post on Houses of Wax, today I thought I'd share a really neat find I came across a couple of weeks ago. At a garage sale in my neighborhood, I found this miniature Mold-A-Rama wax/plastic sculpture from Marineland of the Pacific. For those who do not live in the Los Angeles area, Marineland was an Oceanarium on the Palos Verdes Peninsula for many years until it closed in the 1980's. These figures have been commonly sold since the 1960's, and are still sold today at some locations. Usually zoo's and museums. You would watch them being made before your eyes as the large Mold-A-Rama machine spewed hot wax/plastic into the mold and then dropped it into the chute. I used to collect these as a kid (mainly from the Los Angeles Zoo) but that collection is long gone. Maybe a trip back is in order.

Another view of the figurine.

The view from behind.

You can visit the Mold-A-Rama website here.

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