Friday, July 04, 2008

Mammoth Cave Wax Museum- Founding Fathers

In an appropriate posting, today we have a wax tableau of the forging of our Nation. Though, this scene seems to be of one specific event, it actually is of four of our founding fathers in a unspecific scene. The Committee of Five drew up the Declaration of Independence. They Were John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman. But here we have John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Hancock. Lets see if we can figure out who is who.

Looks the most like John Adams. So lets say that this is Adams.

This probably is Washington, though I don't think it looks like him.

Thomas Jefferson. Since Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, this must be him. So that leaves John Hancock in the back of the room.

View more information on the Declaration of Independence here.

Visit the Mammoth Cave Wax Museum website here.



Purplepeanut said...

How recent is this picture? I visited the Mammoth Cave museum in 2002, and it looks like Adams and Jefferson have swapped seats since then.

You guessed Adams and Washington right, but the guy at the table is actually Hancock, with Jefferson at Washington's left side. (Why they crammed the author of the Declaration in the back corner I can't imagine.)

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment. The picture is from the 70's. So a lot can change. I don't understand why they put the figures the way they did. John Hancock didn't write the Declaration, he just had the largest signature. So why they put Jefferson in the back is beyond me. Thanks for the information. Doesn't the scene have Martha Washington in the background just to the left of the men? I remember seeing a photo somewhere with her in it.

Purplepeanut said...

Yes, Martha's there, sitting to the left. And, as I recall, Ben Franklin was in a chair near her, next to the fireplace.

Purplepeanut said...

Bob, it's a cool idea to post the "Founding Fathers" photo for the Fourth of July. I've been wanting to tell you that, the middle of last month, I went to Mount Rushmore and visited the National Presidential Wax Museum (formerly Parade of Presidents) up in Keystone, South Dakota. Got to see not just Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, but also got to see FOUR wax museums! (Well, three wax museums and a latex-figure museum; the Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL has realistic figures that look like wax.) Took plenty of photos and video. Also met one of the original sculptors, Mr. Fred Cooper and his wife, and spent lots of time. Fascinating stories to tell!

Have just a few minutes, but wonder if you might be interested in collaborating on some wax museum articles, etc. to post on your blog or on a website devoted to wax museums and sculpture. If so, let me know. I know you don't know much about me, and I don't have any sites set up on the web just now, but we share a big common interest, and maybe together we can spread the word about this fascinating (and sadly dying) art.

All the best,

Richard Archer

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