Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calico Ghost Town- Home Sweet Home

This scene at the Calico Ghost Town shows what life in the town was like back when it was a profitable silver mining town. This woman is preparing a meal, and it sure was more time consuming back then. Especially with that huge mane of hair on her head.

A closer look at the figure.

The view from another angle. She is very focused on her job.

A sign giving more information about the town's past.

And a sign explaining this specific scene.

visit the Calico Ghost Town website here.



Robin said...

Oh...wow! I got to your site in a very convulated way...can't begin to explain!

But I have been to Calico and loved it! It was an impulse stop but so glad I made it (as opposed to the "did you see the THING" stop that I looked at for 250 miles, not impressed.

But I loved Calico!

Thanks for the memories!

Bob said...

Thanks for the comment. Calico is one of those jewels of California known only to those of us who went there on school field trips as kids, and people lost on their way to Las Vegas.

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