Friday, May 16, 2008

Movieland Wax Museum- High Noon

Today we see a scene from the Movieland Wax Museum featuring Cary Cooper and Grace Kelly. High Noon stars Cooper as an ex Marshall who is forced back into a situation of violence. In this tableau we see Cooper standing in front of a sitting Grace Kelly. The figures are quite accurate and the tumultuous look on Cooper's face is priceless. The Kelly wax figure looks equally stern.

Cooper, as the Marshall, looks ready able and willing to face Frank Miller and his men.

Will she compromise her religious beliefs for her husband? Kelly sits in the shadows while her husband stands in the doorway.

The clapboard sign describing the movie scene.

More information on Gary Cooper for all those interested.

The figures travelled to the World wax Museum in Korea, and the set sold at the Movieland auction for $600.



Boulou said...

I found this :
" In 1962 Allen Parkinson founded & owned the Movieland Wax Museum in
Buena Park Cal. In the late 1960's he commissioned a famous Mexico City
Master of Wax Jose Neira to recreate the people involved in these events (and
many other historical events.)..."

You can see the wax figures here :

Bob said...

Thanks Boulou,
I had no idea about any of that. It's such a shame that the wax museum never saw the light of day. It would have really been something to see.

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