Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum- Exterior Pt 1

700 Cannery Row, Monterey CA, 93940

Somewhat hidden in Cannery Row is the wonderfully entertaining Steinbeck's Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum. Spanning far more than twentieth Century Monterey, the museum highlights the peninsula's first inhabitants, as well as the Spanish discovery. The experience is more of a guided tour of Monterey's history, than it is a typical wax museum. Every scene is narrated by "Steinbeck" himself, and guests must wait for the tour to begin. Each scene is then illuminated as Steinbeck speaks, and certain figures are highlighted during the narration. One must keep up with this narration, or else lose his place in the story of Monterey.

The exterior of the museum is elaborately decorated, and gives guests a sneak peek at a few figures. As expected, the exterior focuses on Monterey's fishing and canning history. These figures are only a sample of the many characters that once called Monterey home.

From the other side, we see the three figure's who greet guests. The sound of water flowing, as well as the wax museum's informative spiel, plays continuously in the area.

A cigarette, and a jug are this man's two best friends.

The fisherman stands, guarding his catch.

A close up of the fisherman. Great detail in his face shows just how hard it was to live in Monterey back then.

Visit Steinbeck's Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum's website here.


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