Monday, February 18, 2008

Calico Ghost Town- Dentist

Just like Knott's Berry Farm, Calico Ghost Town in Yermo California houses some great peek-in scenes. However, they are not quite as whimsical as some of the Knott's ones. They do have some humor, as today's post shows, but their main focus is informing visitors about they way things were during Calico's boom years.

Here we see the town dentist in what appears to be a tough situation. The dentist drill is of the midieval variety, and I would hate to be the man in the chair.

Here is a better shot of the drill. We complain about going to the dentist today, but there's no doubt which era of dentistry I'd rather be in.

The dentist doesn't look too confident in his tools, and doubt his ability is much greater.

How could he do well when his glasses are broken.

Poor, poor, poor old miner. Although these two guys arn't true wax figures, they do have the same spirit and intent as a regular wax museum would.

Visit the Calico Ghost Town website here.


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