Saturday, September 01, 2007

WDW-Fort Langhorn: Blacksmith pt 1

Walt Disney world hasn't converted their Tom Sawyer Island into Pirate's Lair (At least not yet), so many of the unique and wonderful aspects of Mark Twain's beloved world remain. Fort Wilderness may be gone, but Fort Langhorn continues to entertain park guests looking for their Americana fix. Here we see the blacksmith shop inside the fort. Two calvary men are working hard making horseshoes. These partially animatronic figures give movement to the otherwise frozen in time Fort Langhorn.

Looking through the window betrays a shadowy figure hard at work.

On the far side of the display is a hen which can often be heard clucking in her pen.

A close up of the lone chicken.

The sign that calls all to enter and explore the fort.

Visit the Walt Disney World website here.

Next Time: A little more Langhorne.

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