Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Disneyland- Tarzan's Treehouse pt 4

After exploring Tarzan's Treehouse, guests can explore the grounds at the base of the tree. Here we see the kitchen and scientific set up that people can interact with. It's the last section of the attraction, and definitely the most fun!

Telescopes and musical instruments abound in this section of the attraction. Is that Swisskapolka that I hear?

A figure of a skeleton sits near the slide projector. Is this supposed to be one of Tarzan's parents, or a scientific specimen?

The kitchen stove. No good treehouse is without one. Step on the blower and watch the flame rise and the pots boil.

It looks like one of the animatronic elephants from the Jungle Cruise escaped. This photograph is older, and I think that they sent this little guy back home. Most likely, he is the elephant that now stands next to Trader Sam.

Find more information on Tarzan's Treehouse here.


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