Monday, May 07, 2007

Movieland Wax Museum- Dinner at Eight

This figure of Jean Harlow is from the 1933 motion picture Dinner at Eight. Considered Hollywood's first platinum blonde, Harlow quickly became a major star, but died tragically at the age of 26. This movie highlights Harlow's sex appeal, as she was one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1930's. Harlow died in 1937 of a kidney disease.

The tableau with flash on shows how the lighting really set the mood for the scene. The set is filled with light colored props and dressings, allowing the lighting to better recreate such an intimate setting.

Without the lighting, you'd think this was Harlow's preserved corpse. A little too much make-up was applied to the figure.

Some of the props from the set. For some reason they remind me of my grandmother's house. All the props and the set sold at the auction for a combined $2900. This includes the beaded curtain and chandelier(not shown), as well as the couch and end table.

The clapboard giving more information about Jean Harlow and Dinner at Eight. Jean Harlow's wax figure sold at auction for $7,250, a relatively large amount.

View more information on Jean Harlow here.


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