Sunday, May 13, 2007

American Historical Wax Museum- Battle of the Alamo

This nice and violent tableau from the American Historical Wax Museum shows the battle of the Alamo. In this scene we see Mexican soldiers attacking what's left of the Texians hold up in the Alamo. The battle, which resulted in the Mexicans overtaking the mission and killing most of the Texians, ended on March 6th 1836.

This is probably William B. Travis, who commanded the Texian army during the battle. They did a good job with his expression in this very dynamic scene.

A Mexican soldier. Is he about to kill Travis, or is he the next victim of the desperate officer?

A dead Davy Crockett lies on the sand. In the old television series, he was the last survivor, and began to swing his rifle at the invaders after he ran out of ammunition. Here, he didn't quite make it that long.

View more information on the battle here.


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Anonymous said...

I remember this exhibit. As a child, my father often took me to this wax museum. One of the figures on the ground was rigged to move an arm, as if trying to rise. After a moment, his arm would sink back to the ground. It then started all over again.

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