Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Denver Wax Museum- Jim Bridger, Mountain Man


Jim Bridger was noted as one of the most popular mountain men. His ability to trek the wilderness and speak several languages, including some Native American tongues, made him the stuff of legend. This picture shows him trading beaver pelt with an Indian along a river. The beaver trade is where Bridger made much of his money. He establish a trading post, Fort Bridger, as it was later named. There, people on the Oregon trail would find supplies.

A close up of Bridger and a native. He was remembered for having an uncanny ability to live in extremely rough terrain.

This beaver seems rather calm seeing what the two humans next to him are up to.

Many figures from the museum moved to the Forney Museum of Transportation. See them here.

View more information on Jim Bridger here.


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