Friday, March 09, 2007

National Historical Wax Museum- Mark Twain

With all of the hoopla over the recent announcement by Madame Tussaud's that they will open a new wax museum in Washington D.C., I thought that I would do another post on the defucnt National Historical Wax Museum. The museum opened in 1958 and housed many wax figures of important Americans in historically significant sets. Tussaud's tries to focus their displays based on the museum's location, but the National Historical Wax Museum had already done that fifty years earlier. D.C. is the perfect location for a historical based wax museum.

This Mark Twain (1835-1910) display is a combination of fantasy and reality, as we see Twain sitting next to one of his own creations, Huckleberry Finn. A very similar scene at the American Historical Wax Museum also had Tom Sawyer in the tableau. He may be just out of shot here as well.

A close up of the two figures. Mark Twain is another very popular figure for wax museums. I suppose it's because of his unique look.

Another shot of Twain from the museum. It looks like a different figure altogether. This picture is from at least as early as 1959, and shows some distinct differences. He's wearing a black bow tie here, and his hair is different. Although he does look to be sitting in the same set (In a different chair).

View more information about Mark Twain here.


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